Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games all over the world. Every month, a lot of local Fortnite tournaments are held over the globe where players are shortlisted to represent their countries in the international Fortnite tournaments.

How Fortnite is changing the lives of millions

In a digital era, people have created better careers through digital mediums than they had through regular office jobs. Fortnite has also contributed to giving people a better life than they had, either be financially emotionally. But how?

Fortnite tournaments, where many players all over the world compete against each other, have given many players an identity. Players from lower or middle-class backgrounds win millions of dollars and become national heroes.

Other than tournaments, people are earning through live streaming through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and a few other digital platforms.

Other than the financial stability, Fortnite can make your most boring day entertaining. You can meet new people through voice chats or texts. Don’t forget to feed yourself a chicken dinner before you go to sleep.

Either you a valuable digital career or entertain yourself, Fortnite could be your friend in need. So download the game and have an experience of a lifetime.






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