Among Us

Among Us is taking over the internet due to its unique and simple premises. It is an online multiplayer game where little minion-like beings are performing their tasks on a spaceship. A few of these are the imposters who have to sabotage the spaceship and kill the crew members. Each crew member is performing his tasks, and they have to find out the imposters.

You will be either an imposter or a crew member. If you are a crew member, you have to perform your duties to clean out the air ducts, reboot the communication system, or find out the murderer. If you find a dead body on the spaceship, you have to call the emergency meetings and use the voting system to find out the imposter who has murdered.

If you are an imposter, act as a crew member and use the power of arguments to convince everyone you are one of them. If the crew members kill you, you will become a ghost, and you can still sabotage the spaceship.






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